BREAKING NEWS: REVOLUTION UK TROPHY – Abbott celebrates Snetterton glory CLICK HERE


The Revolution. An all-new track and race car conceived, designed, developed and built by racers for racers. A car that brings LMP technology and safety to the masses, the first truly affordable, sub-£100k sports racer with a carbon tub and cutting-edge technology

The Revolution is set to change the landscape for race and track driving enthusiasts the world over.


The Revolution is a lightweight, 785kg sportscar that packs a 330bhp punch from its dry-sump Ford 3.7-litre V6 engine. Proven reliability is another key component within this package, its performance is matched with some of the lowest running costs, with 10,000km or 100 hours between rebuilds. Fitted with a unique exhaust system and fine engine tuning it also comes with ultra-sharp throttle response and a brilliant soundtrack.


In the Sports Prototype Cup, a new concept in race meetings run by Pitbox91. This has begun on the full Silverstone GP circuit before touring the best circuits in the UK and concludes with a round alongside the European Le Mans Series in Portimao, Portugal.

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