The Revolution

The Revolution A-One

An all-new track and race car conceived, designed, developed and built by racers for racers. A car that brings LMP technology and safety to the masses, and the first truly affordable, sub £100k sports racer with a carbon tub and cutting-edge technology. The Revolution is a true two-seater and it is set to change the landscape for race and track driving enthusiasts the world over. It has been created by Revolution Racecars, an all-new company with a wealth of experience in this field.

Some of the very best engineers, designers, stylists and industry specialists in the UK have been brought together to create these dramatic lines. This car is the brain-child of Phil Abbott, one of the co-founders of Radical Sportscars, who under his guidance sold over 2000 cars to track drivers around the world.

The Car
Race car technology has advanced immeasurably over the last couple of decades along with the tools available to design and develop them, and it’s now possible to bring these advancements to a larger market,” Abbott explained. “I began again with a blank sheet of paper that I first gave to Simon Cox.

Cox, who is one of the top car designers in the UK, with credits that include head of design at Infiniti and GM, created concepts that returned engineering development to reality.

Pete Watts, whose CV includes head of composites at BAR F1, Bentley Le Mans and Bugatti Veyron design engineer and McLaren prototype engineer, was brought onboard to oversee this work.

Drivability has always been a top priority. The long period of CFD development ensured that not only would the car produce more downforce than anything else in its price bracket, but it would remain balanced in all driving situations.

The Revolution is a lightweight, 785kg sportscar that packs a 330bhp punch from its dry-sump Ford 3.7-litre V6 engine. Proven reliability is a key component within this package, its performance is matched with some of the lowest running costs, with 10,000 km or 100 hours between rebuilds. Fitted with a unique exhaust system and fine engine tuning it also comes with ultra-sharp throttle response and a brilliant soundtrack. It is mated to a 3MO 6-speed gearbox utilising WRC technology to again provide reliability and ease of use.

The carbon tub is made of an infusion process developed by Dominik Dierkes whose company DD-Composites is also responsible for the production.

This carbon infusion process ensures efficient production with the highest levels of quality and safety.

Inside the tub you find plenty of space for two, with a class-leading width and elbow room making it easy to operate both solo and with a passenger aboard.

Formula One-style controls, with everything operated from the steering wheel adds to the experience, with an inbuilt display that is ergonomically easy-to-operate with bespoke electronics.

To ensure everything is of the highest standard,  KS Composites have produced sculpted body panels moulded in new hard-wearing, lightweight composite with carbon front and rear diffusers and floor completing the package.

And with all this The Revolution is still greater than the sum of its impressive parts list. It has been designed from the initial concept to improve significantly on anything currently available.

It’s easy-to-maintain, cost-effective to run and has accessible handling and performance. It can be enjoyed and exploited by all levels of driver, from those wishing to enjoy track-days, to those on a career path to Le Mans.

The revolutionary concept is in every detail…



Tested and developed by leading experts at TotalSim, The Revolution uses advanced simulation tools that not only generate more downforce than any competitive offering but also have a more stable centre of aero pressure. Stable aero pressure delivers dependable, consistent handling and feel to the non-professional driver.

Advanced Design

By drivers, for drivers. Designed from the driver’s seat outwards, with driving pleasure and control as a priority.

Quality Product, Quality Service

Built by experts in each field, from composites to machining. Final assembly is completed by approved partners world-wide with a unique and personal service.

Safety & Durability

With the use of modern Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) and testing tools used only in F1 and 24-hour racing previously, all components are tested to loads more extreme than they will ever see in service, giving first-time customers confidence and security.

Purchase & Servicing

The Revolution will be obtainable through fully-trained franchised centres, working closely with the factory to provide an unrivalled service and customer satisfaction worldwide.

The large target audience includes race enthusiasts eager for the thrill, aspiring racers looking to progress to the upper reaches of the sport, track-day drivers who appreciate quality lightweight cars with accessible aerodynamics, race schools, and motorsport country clubs.

All require cost-effective purchase and running costs with reliability. In addition, they are all looking for something new that is a match for the technology at the highest end of the sport.

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