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Our story is a one that mixes motorsport passion and friendship.

As a lot of you may already know, Phil Abbott is the co-founder of Radical Sportscars. The only prototype race cars to have been productionised, building more than 2000 cars all over the world since 1997.

From June 2016 Phil worked with his friend of 10 years Romain Rousseaux, co-founder of Radical France, on a project in collaboration with Onroak to create the Ligier JS P4.

In September 2017, at 62 years old, Phil had still not had enough of 20 years of success in Motorsport with Radical and decided it was time to create a new brand, a new race car.  A race car that would ‘Revolutionise’ the club racer market as much if not more than he did 20 years ago with Radical.

Phil called Romain with this strong idea in mind.  The idea was obviously very tempting for enthusiasts like them but not only this new race car had to be Revolutionary, but the business model had to be a Revolution as well:

  • Customer
  • Race Team
  • Dealer support
  • Event organisation,
  • Parts shop
  • Assembly of the cars

Phil couldn’t wait so he created Abbott Automotive Ltd.  In order to start working on the project by investing his own money.

To be able to start the Revolution, it was vital to find a partner for the creation of a carbon tub that would keep the overall car costs down.  Phil thought of Dominik Dierkes with who he had worked in the past and who is a specialist in resin infusion techniques.  It only took Dominik the time of a dinner at the Autosport show at Birmingham to commit to be a part of the project.

It was pretty obvious that Phil and Romain couldn’t make this project happen on their own, but who could help such a project?

Finance people?  No.  Another car brand to support?  No… The project needed people like them, people they could trust, people that share the same blood… The Motorsport blood that only a Motorsport enthusiast can understand.

The first person Romain thought of was Jean Gandar.  Jean has been a close friend of Romain since he and his friend Philippe Muffat bought and ran an SR8 through Radical France’s team.

Jean was immediately on board with the project and suggested to call Philippe as well.  He was right indeed…

In the early discussions the plan was to find other investors but as the project grew and not wanting to lose any time for 2019 season, they all sat around a table end of February 2018 and all agreed to invest personally and bring this project forward between themselves.

Revolution Race Cars was born and an incredible human adventure had begun.

The Revolution was first tested at Snetterton on the 25th of October, launched at Silverstone MSD on the 2nd November and received a huge welcome which has been circulated across the entire world in less than 2 days.

10 orders had already taken before the car was even made.

To be continued…

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