Take the track focused race car to the races. Revolution Race Cars are very proud to claim that the Sports Prototype Cup has been born out of the A-One. The Sports Prototype Cup features a dual class format, accommodating not only Revolution A-One but also the Radical range with additional prototype classes invited for selected rounds.

It’s a fantastic stepping stone towards the Le Mans Championships and probably as close as you’ll ever get to it without being in it.

Rob Wheldon


Racing on iconic Grand Prix circuits such as Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Le Castellet, Barcelona and Zandvoort, there is simply no other prototype championship that offers such an incredible selection of circuits

In 2022, the Sports Prototype Cup expands beyond Europe. The rights to the format and brand have been granted to URO Motorsports to create Sports Prototype Cup Korea, which will feature the same class format as the European Cup with a Revolution A-One and a Radical class.

Coming soon.

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After a successful European launch, the Sports Prototype Cup has expanded to South Korea.

The Cup has given permission for URO Motorsports to adopt the same Cup branding as Europe and adapt the regulations to allow both Radical and Revolution models to race on their grid.

Both Revolution and the Cup have plans to launch racing activities in other territories.

Arrive and Drive race hire in the Supercharged Revolution A-One 500SC 

The Revolution Trophy has reserved spaces left on the grid with professional works-supported race hire teams. Our arrive and drive package offers sensational value for driving an LMP-style prototype at Grand Prix venues.

Please contact the Revolution team who can tailor a package to suit your needs.

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