Preparing for the Green Light. We’ll be ready to race.

Preparing for the Green Light. We’ll be ready to race.

Preparing for the green light

– Spa-Francorchamps FIA World Endurance Championship support race rescheduled

– ‘Revolution Authorised’ programme announced

Covid-19 has focused the world on much more important matters than motorsport. We support the decision of the organising clubs to pause racing activity until the outbreak is contained. At Revolution, we have put homeworking processes in place to support our customers until normal activity resumes. When it does, we are ready to race.

We are working with our partners at Sports Prototype Cup to build a revised racing calendar should the restrictions be lifted in the second half of the year. The big story is that the guest class for the Revolution A-One in the Spa-Francorchamps FIA World Endurance Championship support race has been rescheduled to Saturday, August 15th(subject to Covid-19 restrictions being lifted). This provides Revolution customers with the chance to race on the world stage.

The Sports Prototype Cup expect to be able to announce further events as soon as the situation becomes clearer, but our provisional calendar looks like this:

Aug 1.            Brands Hatch.                                  2 x 30 min races
Aug 13-15      Spa-Francorchamps FIA WEC        2 x 60 min races
TBC                Event to be announced
Nov 6/7           Le Castellet                                      2 x 60 min races

We recommend that you sign-up for Sports Prototype Cup updates using this link: REGISTER 

Now is the time for new teams to join the Revolution

Due to the innovative way Revolutions are manufactured, teams all over the world have a unique opportunity to produce their own cars and become part of the Revolution enterprise.

Rather than being built in a central location and sold to teams and drivers as a complete car, the  Revolution build concept means that race teams can now become authorised production centres and build cars for their customers.

The benefits to race teams are significant. Cars built this way are bespoke to each customer, developing their relationship with the race team with increased interaction before the team runs the car at race events, testing and track days. This delivers better value to the customer and promotes longer term customer relationships.

The build process adds additional team income, particularly through the winter months, keeping technicians employed during quieter periods.

“We have thought very hard about all aspects of the business,” said Revolution founder, Phil Abbott. “Developing a class-leading car is only the start, it’s all about people and the teams who run them are a vital part of what we do. They are the ones taking care of the customers and we have to do everything we can to look after them and help them deliver the best service possible. Throughout my career, I’ve always worked closely with the teams and this new build centre concept develops that and further improves the customer experience and value for money.”

All car build training is provided and quality and safety checks are carried by Revolution. With the programme complete, the team is promoted as an authorised Revolution builder and sales point and this also allows the team to be able to rent additional cars from the factory as required.

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