Drivers praise the Revolution A-One in Motorsport News

Drivers praise the Revolution A-One in Motorsport News

‘A new car rising in less than two years to have its own F1 support race sounds like fantasy, but is Revolution’s reality”

This week’s Motorsport News features an in-depth feature in the startling rise of Revolution this year and includes some glowing feedback from drivers.  The latest edition, with a full six-page feature on Revolution, is available at all good UK newsagents or to purchase online here:

It features interviews with many of the drivers who have raced the Revolution. Here’s a hint of what they had to say:

“A comfortable car for gentleman drivers….it communicates with you with a supple feel at the limit” Scott Mansell.

“It’s halfway between a Radical and LMP3…it’s got masses of downforce” Alex Kapadia

“The fastest car I’ve ever driven” Adrian Reynard.

“You could tell straight away it was a serious bit of kit. It’s one of those cars you can jump in and it gives confidence to push” Sir Chris Hoy.

To join the F1 support race grid in Portugal on October 24/25, please contact us before October 2nd when entries close.


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