Revolution is fully funded ! Now what ?



Thanks to our 62 investors, the Revolution campaign is now fully funded! With 19 days still to go on our campaign, we have in fact raised 119% of our goal amount – a truly exciting time for all of us at Revolution!

We deeply thank all of you for believing in our project and joining our ranks. All contributions, big or small, are truly appreciated by the team.
Thanks to the valued trust you have in us, here’s what we have coming down the pipeline in the next few weeks:

  • New markets – USA: Revolution recently announced its official partnering with Competition Source, a Florida-based race team. A portion of the upcoming funds will thus be used to enter this market, including shipping one of our cars for them to use in test drives, marketing and upcoming races. Watch out for us at Sebring in September 2019!
  • New models: You’ve read about our plans for the next versions and heard about the 400bhp model. Because our team never stops, our engineers are already geared up for development and testing to start shortly after the end of the campaign – and we can’t wait to see the newest product of their brilliant minds racing down the track!
  • Production: The production optimisation process is underway internally. Recruitment is also in progress for a couple new team mates to join us and share their expertise and passion with the team. They’ll also be helping us build the spare parts side of the business.
    For now, our campaign still has 19 days left to go! We may have reached our goal, but we’re keeping the campaign open for now, in the hopes that we’re joined by even more racing fans. Indeed, any further investments will allow to super-charge our growth and our business plan – see below for more information.

What are we doing with the extra funds?

As you have already seen, our team at Revolution is always full of good ideas! That means we already have plans in place to use any extra funds wisely and to the betterment of the company (and thus our investors!).
Below are our key plans for any additional funds raised and to be raised. These are all part of the company’s objectives. However, the timeline to launch /achieve these will depend on the amount of funds our campaign is able to raise:
1. Taking the USA by storm: At present, our business plan involves opening the USA market one state at a time, starting with Florida (our partner’s home base). However, the USA is a large and bountiful market. We are in discussion with potential partners on the West Coast and in Central USA to open these markets as well. As a result, a portion of the new funds will go to opening the USA market on multiple fronts, via signing with and supporting additional partners in other states.
2. Sales and marketing: The Revolution A-One is now eligible for championships in three countries: the UK, UAE and France. We need to make this known to race teams and drivers to boost sales and interest even further. We also want to promote brand recognition in the race car environment, so current race car owners come directly to us for their new car.
3. Continued R&D: The Revolution A-One may be revolutionary, but the team does not believe in resting on our laurels (or gold medals). In a previous company, our CEO led the efforts to improve a popular racer’s time by 14 seconds. Through continuous R&D, the A-One has already gained 3 seconds on its average lap time at Silverstone!
4. New markets: We have feelers in place in some Asian markets, with a view to launch these markets as soon as partnerships are in place and finances allow.

You may have noticed a big focus placed by Revolution on new markets. There are two key factors to it. One is the strong interest our car is gathering from around the world. The second is our extremely low fixed costs – this means that every sale above our break-even point generates significant bottom-line profit!

Revolution has big plans for its future –but none of these can be achieved without you, our investors, and your continued dedication to the company and our cars. We hope to have demonstrated that the extra funds will be put to good use for Revolution to quickly gain market shares and boost its profit.

Thank you again for believing in us and our product.
All the best,
The Revolution Race Car team

Capital at risk.

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